TAT Fragrance an exclusive and elegant fragrance was founded in the year 2015. The name TAT is an abbreviation from the names of our 3 boys, TOSIN, ANJOLA & TOBI (TAT). The House of TAT perfumery is purely a Nigerian company, its fragrance composition is done in Nigeria to maintain local content with some authentic French fruity notes and some warm/deep oud oil, TAT Fragrance eau de parfum offers extremely rare oils extracted from agarwood and sandalwood. The TAT Fragrance Unique and exclusive bottles are in five colours, we have the Gold, Black, Silver, Purple and Blue bottles and these five comes with its different fragrance names. TAT Fragrance D’ ultimate designer perfume for men and women is aimed at creating a mixture of designer fragrance here in Nigeria with Fruity notes, oriental woody and resins of oud at a very affordable and reasonable price with long lasting effect.

Our collection of fragrance makes you standout and provides you with confidence, royalty and unique personality